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Winter Inspired Design Styles

Where does your design inspiration come from? Whether it be a place, a time period, a season, or your own hobbies and interests, interior design is an opportunity to express yourself. In fact, you don’t have to be a professional designer or decorator to bring your ideas to life. All you need is a little creativity.

For many people, the changing of seasons is a significant source of inspiration. Each season, spring, summer, fall, and winter, may evoke different feelings, colors, shapes, or memories. For example, winter might remind you of freshly fallen snow, gray clouds, crackling fireplaces, and warm sweaters. Whatever comes to mind, you can depict those concepts in your space through cohesive and meaningful design choices.

If you love to incorporate your favorite seasonal elements into your home, you will love these 4 winter-inspired design styles. Not only do they capture the essence of the winter season, they are beautiful enough to enjoy all year long. However, if your inspiration changes, you have the creative freedom to change up your space whenever you like.

Mixed textiles

 1. Mixed textiles

If winter makes you think about a cozy night indoors with blankets, pillows, and hot chocolate, you might prefer a style with mixed textiles and layered fabrics. Try pairing various textures together using blankets, pillows, rugs, and window treatments.

For example, you might complement a smooth leather sofa with a knit throw blanket and wool rug. Add a little bohemian-style texture with wicker furniture and woven baskets. You can even create layering on your windows by pairing fabric shades with soft drapes. Combining textiles will make your space feel warm and inviting, like a cozy haven on a cold winter night.

Black & White

2.  Black and White

Winter is often symbolized by an absence of color, usually with a mixture of black, white, and gray tones that mimic cloudy skies and snowy landscapes. You can recreate this beautiful wintry vibe in your home with careful attention to detail.

Start with a paint color that sets the mood, such as a crisp white, or warm gray. Benjamin Moore’s winter color palette offers a selection of muted shades with both warm and cool undertones. After choosing your paint, add furniture pieces that contrast with the walls. For example, an ivory sofa would stand out beautifully in front of the charcoal gray shade offered by Benjamin Moore, Midnight.

If you like the idea of keeping your color palette muted, you can put more focus on unique shapes and patterns. These are easy and fun to incorporate with rugs, wallpaper, and art. For example, you could pair a geometric rug pattern with throw pillows and wall art that have similar patterns or sharp lines. You might also add unique light fixtures to create an interesting focal point.

Woodsy decor

3.  Woodsy

If your favorite winter tradition involves venturing off to a mountain house or ski lodge, you might find your design inspiration in a woodsy cabin. Even if your home is not an actual cabin, you can still create a cozy, woodsy aesthetic. Start with natural elements such as wood, brick, and stone, which can create a blend of modern and rustic charm. These might include hardwood floors, wooden ceiling beams, brick columns, or a stone fireplace.

For decor, you could display items made with natural materials, like pottery, sculptures, or candlesticks. Embrace the outdoors even further by decorating with plants, vines, and other greenery. Your color palette might have earthy tones, for example: dark brown, sage green, navy blue, and white. If your wooden elements are too light or dark, you can achieve the perfect finish using the right wood stain.

Minimalist Decor

4.  Minimalist

On the other hand, the winter season may resemble a clean slate, or the time when nature resets. For some people, this is an opportunity to let go of distractions in order to embrace clarity and self-reflection. With this philosophy as your inspiration, you might choose a design with minimal decor, colors, and materials. The minimalist style is known for its simplicity, in the fact that it prioritizes essential items and avoids over-accessorizing.

Minimalism does not have to be boring or dull. In fact, rooms with minimal decor often have impressive architecture that serves as a focal point. For example, a minimalist home might have vaulted ceilings and large windows that make the room feel spacious and full of sunlight. Your color scheme may be monochromatic, creating a sense of continuity. Furniture elements are typically focused on functionality, and any additional decor should be purposefully chosen.

Get Inspired

If any of these winter concepts inspired you, it’s time to start designing. You can achieve a style you love whether you are making a few small adjustments or completely redesigning your space. Either way, it is best to start with a plan, a budget, and a trusted local supplier.

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Come visit Marketplace Paints to get started, or visit our website for more information at www.marketplacepaints.com. Until then, always be on the lookout for more inspiration!

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