Our families live here so we here roots in our community too.  As an independent dealer, we have a lot of flexibility to represent companies and brands that we feel are top performing.

Who will we see working in the store?

We have developed a great team at the store, all of whom are knowledgeable and available to help you with your project.

Bill Bassham has lived and worked in Aiken since the early 70s.  He and his wife Lynnda enjoy the company of and keeping up with their 7 grandchildren.  He’s very personable, loves to tell stories and can help you with your project.

Stacey Gray is part of the team and she lives with her family in Salley.  She hails from Canada and originally came to Aiken to work with horses.  Stacey has a good deal of painting experience to share and is service-oriented.

Abigail Felix has been with our team since for 6 years.  In addition to helping with paint store customers, she also helps us with our art framing business.  She lives with her family in Trenton where she is also active in her community as a reverend.  Abigail is bi-lingual and fluent in Spanish, and she is always smiling 🙂

Tom & Anne Uskup are the owners of the business.  Anne is a lifelong resident of Aiken and she has an interior design degree from Anderson University.  She works with her clients on various projects from new construction and renovations to room design and décor.  Tom has resided in Aiken since 2004, and has an MBA from Roosevelt University in Chicago.