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Hunter Douglas MODERN PRECIOUS METALS Aluminum Blinds

Hunter Douglas MODERN PRECIOUS METALS Aluminum Blinds. Marketplace Paints Store, Blinds Store and Window Treatment in Aiken and North Augusta

Hunter Douglas MODERN PRECIOUS METALS Aluminum Blinds


Streamline and declutter your interior with one of our sleekest window treatments. Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds offer maximum light control and are available in an array of slat sizes, colors and finishes, from matte to metallic to pearlescent hues.

For high-traffic homes, few window treatments withstand daily wear and tear better than these blinds.


Every Color Available—Select from an abundance of finishes and textures, from matte to metallic to pearlescent, in a wide range of hues.

Decorative Tapes—Offered in multiple colors and patterns, decorative tapes provide a unique accent to your window treatments.

Room Darkening—For less light, choose our de-Light™ feature, which eliminates cord holes so the  sun doesn’t seep through.

Durable—Modern Precious Metals Aluminum Blinds maintain their shape when withstanding rough treatment.

More Views—If doubling your view ranks high on your list of necessities, consider our MagnaView® feature, which offers twice the view-through of ordinary aluminum blinds.


  • PowerView®

    With our innovative PowerView® system, you can move your shades according to schedules you set—day or night, whether you’re home or away. Operate PowerView shades with your tablet, smartphone or our sleek Pebble® Remote, available in a wide range of colors. PowerView is also compatible with smart-home systems for premium convenience. Learn more about PowerView®

  • LiteRise®

    Your days of fussing with cords are long gone. Enjoy the simplicity and ease of the LiteRise® system, which lets you operate your window treatment by simply pushing up or pulling down with your hand. Learn more about LiteRise®

  • SimpleLift

    SimpleLift™ offers enhanced safety for children and pets. The contoured bottom rail makes raising and lowering simple, with no handle required. Learn more about SimpleLift

  • Standard Cordlock

    With the Standard Cordlock system, keep your window treatments exactly where you want them with the added benefit of a cord that effortlessly locks into place. Learn more about Standard Cordlock



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