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Reuseable Caulk Tube

Home projects can transform your space in a new and exciting way. Although, there are often a lot of tools and materials involved in these projects, some of which are single-use plastics. At a time when environmental sustainability is more important than ever, we are more cognizant of the harm that material waste can cause to our planet.  In this post, we will be discussing Eco-Friendly Caulk.

In an effort to combat single-use plastics and waste build-up in landfills and oceans, many manufacturing companies are shifting their focus toward reusable products. As environmentally-friendly options become widely available, more businesses and consumers are realizing their benefits.

Still, not everyone is aware of these new, sustainable product solutions, especially when it comes to interior design projects. We want to change that! In this post, we will be discussing one particular sustainable product that we offer here at Marketplace Paints: Tower Sealants reusable caulking tubes.

What are Tower Sealants reusable caulk tubes?

Tower Sealants reusable caulk tubes are cylinder-shaped tools designed to hold sausage foil packs of caulk. The tube functions with any standard caulking gun to spread caulk along surfaces with ease. Unlike single-use caulking tubes, the reusable tube does not come with caulk already inside it. It simply houses the sausage pack and dispenses the caulk. This Tower Sealants product consists of a clear tube, a metal or plastic cap, and multiple nozzles.


How to use Tower Sealants reusable caulk tubes

1.  Cut the nozzle

The nozzles will not be pre-cut, so you will have to cut the tip of the nozzle before you begin. Where you cut the nozzle will determine the size of the hole, which should match the size of the seam you are caulking. The closer you cut to the tip of the nozzle, the smaller the hole will be. The best way to cut the nozzle is to use a knife to get a clean cut at a 45-degree angle.

2.  Assemble the tube

First, remove the metal band from one end of your sausage pack with wire cutters or scissors. Then, place it inside the tube with the cut end facing up. Screw a nozzle onto your cap, and then place the cap snugly onto the top of the tube.

3.  Place the tube into the gun

Next, place the tube into any standard caulking gun with the nozzle pointing outward. You may have to pull back the plunger on the gun before inserting your tube. Once the tube is in place, it will function the same way as a single-use caulking tube. The trigger of the gun pushes forward a round plunger. This plunger applies pressure to the sausage pack, forcing the caulk out of the tube’s open nozzle.

4.  Begin caulking

To begin caulking, rest the tip of the nozzle against the surface you want to caulk and carefully squeeze the trigger of the gun. Once the caulk starts coming out, slowly move the nozzle along the seam while squeezing the caulk out with even, continuous pressure.

The reusable tube is very simple and easy to use. It dispenses caulk smoothly, without any splatter. After caulking, dampen your finger and slide it along the wet caulk to smooth it out and press it down.

5.  Remove the empty sausage pack

When using sausage packs instead of traditional plastic caulking tubes, it is easier to get all of the product out, meaning less product waste. Once the sausage pack is empty, it is simple to remove. First, pull back the plunger on the gun, take the tube out of the gun, and remove the cap. The empty sausage pack should come out right behind the cap, and you can recycle it.

6.  Reload the tube

If you are not finished caulking, flip over the empty tube, cut the metal band off of a new sausage pack, and place it inside the tube the same way you did the first one. Then, place the tube back into the gun, and you are ready to start caulking again.

7.  Clean up for the day

When you are finished caulking for the day, be sure to take apart the tube and place both the cap and nozzle in water. This will ensure that the caulk does not dry out inside the nozzle and make it unusable in the future.

Key Takeaways

The Tower Sealants reusable caulk tube is an innovative product that eliminates the need for single-use plastic tubes. Switching to sustainable products like this can greatly benefit our planet by reducing plastic and waste, and now is the time to embrace this.

Marketplace Paints is proud to carry products like this in an effort to contribute to environmental sustainability. If you are interested in Tower Sealants reusable caulking tubes for your next caulking project, they are available at our Marketplace Paints stores now. Come visit us today and explore other products designed with our planet in mind.

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