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Venetian Plaster: The Timelessly, Decadent, Durable Plaster

Have you ever found yourself in a space that craves more elegance? Have you ever seen a plain, boring wall yearning to be softer, smoother, and richer in color and texture? Venetian Plaster might be exactly what you are looking for.

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See Color in a Whole New Light

Any lover of interior design or architecture will tell you that the right plaster finish can make the world of difference to how you experience a space. If you’re looking for something timelessly decadent to give new life to an interior, Venetian Plaster is here to help you illuminate color and create an extraordinary space with an exceptional aesthetic edge.

The outcome it provides is akin to marble. This breathable and beautiful finish makes colors both subtly soft and vibrantly rich. The ornate marble texture comes from lime, Venetian Plaster’s main ingredient.


Usable. Beautiful. Durable.   

Taking its namesake from its ability to withstand damp areas such as the canals of Venice, Venetian Plaster passes the test of time. It is as strong as it is soft and luminescent – it will not chip and crack away, and will not need a recoat any time soon. Due to its high alkalinity, it is naturally mold and mildew-resistant. This makes it practical, scrubbable, and endlessly durable.

Lime’s longevity has kept it in favor for centuries. What do Greece, Egypt, Rome, and China have in common? They boast exquisite lime architecture from ancient times that remains intact to this day.


Timelessly Luxurious and Environmentally Friendly

Practicality aside, Venetian Plaster is sought out for its unique aesthetic qualities. Lime naturally exudes color in an iridescent and soft manner and it seems to encapsulate light; creating deep rich tones that most modern finishes can only envy and never mimic.

Civilizations that have come and gone have favored lime for its simultaneous strength and elegance, while today’s markets might also love it for being naturally produced from renewable sources.

The production process is natural and no harmful chemicals or byproducts are involved, making Venetian Plaster as eco-friendly as it is elegantly beautiful and astonishingly durable.


Bringing Lime to Life with Venetian Plaster

To fully appreciate Venetian Plaster, you have to understand the long and careful procedure used to create it. It all begins with lime.


The Source

Like all things that breathe life, lime’s journey starts in water. Lime is quarried from rivers and transformed into putty. This method has been used since ancient times and continues to stay alive.


The Baking

Here is where ancient customs and modern innovation is merged. Brick furnaces similar to those used by the ancients burn the lime putty for extended periods of time. However, modern technology allows the process to be more precise. Temperatures are controlled with computerized systems and highly sophisticated lasers purify combustion fumes before they are released into the atmosphere, ensuring no harmful byproducts stem from the baking process. The lime is baked until it becomes a powdery substance known as quicklime.


Quicklime combined with water creates a dense liquid that is then filtered for any remaining impurities or unbaked particles that will cause damage or lessen the quality of the finished product that is being created. The final, purified quicklime is then stored in large tanks where it will be allowed to age.


In the least labor-intensive yet most time demanding step in the process; lime is left to age for a minimum of six months. During this time, it cultivates the aesthetic qualities and texture of magnificent ancient lime structures and gives it the qualities that we seek from modern lime-based polishes.

Final Filtration

The aged lime is filtered once more to ensure a smooth, creamy product free from any impurities and ready to be utilized.


Now that the lime has been processed and aged, it is ready to receive color pigmentation that will give it vibrance and life. The chemical structure of processed lime contains an invisible crust that binds to pigments, keeping colors bright and vibrant for untold lengths of time.


A Versatile Aesthetic

Whether your taste is electrically old-fashioned or modern and chic, Venetian Plaster gives a finish that timelessly expresses unmatched subtle artistry. Venetian Plasters have adorned ethereal spaces for centuries, from villas, palaces, and cathedrals to modern commercial spaces and luxurious homes of the 21st century. Both elegant and bold, it’s hard to go wrong with this timeless classic that gives vivid translucence and rich depth of tone to every space it adorns.

It is highly scrubbable, washable, and easily applied. Perfect for everything from busy commercial interiors to calm alluring bedrooms and everything in between.


Tint It

Go the extra mile with Stucco Lamundo™ Venetian Plaster. It can be tinted to any color using Universal tints or machine colorants, making the colors of your dreams attainable. Meoded has a wide range of natural concentrated VOC-free pigments to be used in the tinting process.

Please note that the actual color may vary from what is shown on your computer screen. It is recommended to test the product in a small area before proceeding with the full application.