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Warm seating for your outdoor living space

If you love spending time outdoors, but your backyard feels uninviting and dull, it’s time to spruce up your outdoor space.  Outdoor living areas have become increasingly popular among homeowners, especially since many people have started working from home.

Getting some fresh air can be therapeutic, but it is often too hot or cold, windy, or uncomfortable enough to stay outdoors for very long.  The key is to bring some modern indoor luxuries to your outdoor space so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

In this post, we will review six ideas to make your outdoor space more enjoyable year-round.

6 Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

1.  Create shade for your outdoor space

Enhance your Outdoor space with Shade

Adding shade is one of the first steps to creating a more comfortable and inviting outdoor space.  This could be awnings, umbrellas, curtains, roller shades, or anything else that relieves you from the sun.

Shade helps block out heat, brightness, UV rays, and even wind in some cases.  This is especially important in the warm months when it becomes too hot and muggy to enjoy the outdoors.  If you like to work on your laptop outside, using shade to reduce the brightness will also help you see your screen more clearly.

2.  Add more light to your outdoor space

For those late nights spent on the patio, you will need extra lighting to avoid a dark and spooky atmosphere.  String lights, lanterns, and wall pendants are excellent options to layer throughout the space.  You may also want to add solar path lights to illuminate the walkways around your yard.

Add more light to your outdoor space

3.  Set Up Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is a game-changer for any outdoor space.  Your seating arrangements should be based on the activities you plan to do in the space.

For example, if you love entertaining guests, choose lounge seating, such as an outdoor sofa, chairs, and ottomans.  If you enjoy reading or napping, you may want to put up hammocks or swinging chairs.  For those who plan to work or have meals outside, a sturdy table and chairs with plenty of shade is a good choice.

4.  Cool it Down (or warm up) your outdoor space

When it comes to heating and cooling your outdoor space, there are many options at different price points, but they are all efficient ways to combat outdoor temperatures.

For example, outdoor ceiling fans create a wind chill effect that makes your body feel significantly cooler on a hot day.  A misting fan is another great option to improve your comfort, which is especially helpful if the air outside is dry.  If you are interested in a higher-end option, try an evaporative cooler.  It cools the space around it and is lightweight and easy to transport.

In the cold months, try a fire pit or patio heaters.  A fire pit will create a warm ambiance in the center of your seating area, while patio heaters add heat from different angles.  Or, if you have the budget for it, an outdoor fireplace will transform your outdoor space into a cozy retreat with plenty of warmth.

Cool it down or warm up your outdoor living space with lpe decking

5.  Add Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your outdoor space.  Whether you have a patchy deck, faded siding, or an overall lack of color in your backyard, you can use paint or wood stain to freshen up the space and make it more visually appealing.

It would help if you used epoxy-based paint for your patio floor, which adds durability and stain resistance.  If you are painting vinyl siding, the best choice is 100% acrylic.  On your deck, you can use a transparent wood stain that allows the grains to show through, or choose a solid stain that adds a rich color to your entire deck.  You can even paint your backyard pool with Richards Paints if the surface starts to chip or look worn.

Decorate your outdoor space with a nice dining setting

6.  Decorate your outdoor space

Lastly, decorate your outdoor space to give it a personal touch that is both stylish and welcoming.  You can make it more cozy with area rugs and throw pillows.  Adding flowers and plants will look nice and help cool off the space.  Small statues and lawn ornaments will bring a fun flair to the yard.

If you plan to entertain and feed guests in your outdoor living area, consider putting a bar cart or drink station nearby.  Adding colorful placemats and a table centerpiece can elevate your outdoor dining experience.


Now that you have several ways to enhance your outdoor space, you can officially say goodbye to boring backyards and start spending more time outside.  You can accomplish all 6 of these ideas on a modest budget or go all out with a luxurious yard makeover.

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